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About Us Ca-Collective San Jose
About Us Ca-Collective San Jose-2
About Us Ca-Collective San Jose-3


First-Time Patients

21 and older with valid California ID and current Physician's Recommendation.

  • FREE Top shelf CA pre-roll for new patients with donation

Weekly Specials!

  • $25 - 1/8th(Mr White O.G., Blueberry Cough)
  • $29 - 1/8th(Crazy Glue, Chem Dawg, Skunk Dream, CA Blackjack)
  • $35 - 1/8th(Skittles, CA S.F.V. Kush, CA Purple Mix)
  • $46 - 1/8th(CA Super Sour Diesel,CA Gelato, CA Sherbet, CA Tahoe OG, CA Thin Mint Cookies, CA Grape Dream)

About Us

Full Service Medicinal Cannabis Collective, serving the San Jose and the entire Bay Area, Gilroy, Morgan Hill.

ATM on site.

This is the spot come to. The best 25 dollar 8th o.g. kush is really good. plus the price is amazing so worth is coming here I recommend it.