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Weekly Bud Buy 10/19-10/25

By CA- Collective in Featured Marijuana News

CA | OG Budlets $20 an 1/8th
Berry White $20 an 1/8th
Royal Fire Kush $20 an 1/8th
Pineapple Trainwreck $20 an 1/8th
CA | OG Kush $25 an 1/8th
CA | Cherry OG $25 an 1/8th
CA | Gelato #45 $35 an 1/8th

Good 10/19 - 10/25 (Fri - Thurs), or while supplies last.

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Their GDP is absolutely ridiculous!! Dark purple nugs with crazy vibrant orange hair. It's a little pricy but the product is worth it, the high hits heavy in the body and left me floating. The taste is outstanding as well! 5/5