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June 20th - June 30th Specials

By CA- Collective in Featured Marijuana News

Concentrates - $15 half gram


Strains include:

  • (H) OG Kola Crumble
  • (H) Private Reserve Crumble
  • (H) Diablo OG Budder
  • (H) Banana OG Budder
  • (H) White Walker OG Crumble
  • (H) Cherry Skywalker Crumble
  • (H) Cherry Pineapple Cobbler Crumble
  • (I) Banana Kola Crumble
  • (I) SFV OG Kush Crumble
  • (I) Grape Kola Budder
  • (H) Zkittles Kola Crumble
  • (H) OG #18 Shatter
  • (H) Pineapple Banana Cake Shatter
  • (I) Abusive OG Shatter
  • (I) Master OG Shatter
  • (H) Cherry Kola Shatter
  • (H) Cherry Spritz Kola Shatter
  • (I) Buckeye Purple Shatter

$25 full gram

HNF Cartridge

Strains include:

  • (I) God's Gift Crumble
  • (I) Purple Dragonfly Crumble
  • (S) Candyland Crumble
  • (H) GSC Crumble
  • (H) Nitro Cookie Crumble
  • (H) Wookie Cookie Crumble
  • (I) GDP Crumble
  • (I) Purple Kush Crumble
  • (I) Purple Barney
  • (I) Purple Punch Crumble
  • (I)  Purple Haze Crumble

California Oil Company Cartridges - 1g $25

*Everything is while supplies last.

Got a 8th of the candy land, smell was loud and the taste was good. Also good break down of the tree