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Budtender Pick

Budtender Pick

By CA- Collective in Featured Marijuana News
Budtender Pick

Meet Johnny, one of our awesome Budtenders here at CA Collective.  He has 15 years experience in the cannabis industry and has with CA for the last 4 years. CA Candyland and CA GDP are his go to buds to roll up in a joint before dinner and relaxing.

Johnny's Growing 101

When you come into CA, you will most likely find Johnny with the clones. If you are interested in starting to grow, here are some of the basics Johnny recommends.

  1. "READ UP!! Knowing the basics is everything. There is so much to learn from books and online about growing. Read up, then come see me to get started with clones.
  2. "Treat your plants like they are a person. Just like a child, plants need sleep, water, food, regulated temperatures, and even enjoy music."

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