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Chil Concentrates Demo

Chil Concentrates Demo

Friday, September 27, 2019 at 11:00 AM — 02:00 PM
Chil Concentrates

Mandarin Haze

Like a tall refreshing glass of orange juice, this powerful sativa hybrid, complete with freshly squeezed undertones, is a great way to jumpstart a day of creativity or chil out o a lazy Sunday.

Pineapple Jack

Named for the legendary cannabis activist Jack Herer, this citrusy sativa is as smooth and uplifting as the man himself and has won more High Times Cannabis Cups than any other strain.

Purple Punch

Get ready for the feel good potent grape knockout that follows every hit of Purple Punch.  This Indica dominant strain will have your tastebuds against the ropes, chill's you first right between the eyes and then working its way down to your limbs.

Sour Apricot 

What happens when you mix the uplifting high of Sour Diesel with the deep body relaxation of OG Kush?  You get Sour OG the heavy-hitting, rib-tickling, couch-locking strain.


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