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SF Bay THC Clinic

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636 E Santa Clara St
San Jose, CA 95112

Open Mon-Fri: 11am-5pm
Appts: 408.506-4504 | 408.931-2062

"The Truth About Medical Marijuana"

Will Medical Marijuana show up in a background check?

At SF Bay THC, once you become a Medical Marijuana patient your name will not go on a federal and/or state list and will not show up under a background check.

At SF Bay THC, your name and all medical information is not shared with anyone, nor does your information get shared or sent to any kind of federal, state, or local agencies. Your information will stay private under the doctor patient confidentiality laws.

If I get a Medical Marijuana card is there any effect on my driver license?

Only in the event you are convicted of driving under the influence of a controlled substance will there any impact on your driver license. The DMV does not receive any information regarding your Medical Marijuana use.

Will my medical visit and records stay private?

Your privacy at our medical offices is of the utmost importance. All patient records and discussions are kept in the strictest confidentiality.

"We Are Compassionate Doctors"

How can SF Bay THC help me?

You will receive a medical evaluation by a California licensed physician, and at the end of the evaluation (if you qualify) you will receive a physician's recommendation which will allow you to use marijuana legally.

What is a typical visit to your office like?

A typical visit for a new patient at SF Bay THC will typically be:

  • You will be greeted by friendly, competent, and caring staff that will assist you in filling out all necessary paperwork.
  • You will then visit with our Board Certified Physician who will go over your reason for seeking treatment.
  • The Physician will determine your eligibility for use of Medical Marijuana to treat your condition.
  • The Medical Marijuana Physician will then outline a treatment plan and explain all benefits and side effects of using Medical Marijuana.
  • Your physician will then determine the duration of your treatment. Recommendations typically are for one year but you may not qualify for the whole year if you dont have the proper documentation.

What do I bring to my medical appointment at your office?

A valid California Identification Card - Valid California I.D. means a California Driver License or DMV issued I.D.

A copy of your medical records for us to keep or a letter from your doctor describing your medical condition, diagnosis, and treatment.

How old do I have to be to come in?

It is our policy to only evaluate patients for Medical Marijuana who are at least 18 years or older.

Do you offer 24 hour verification?

Yes we provide 24 hour verification for all of our patients.

What happens if I loose my Medical Marijuana card?

In the event you loose your medical id, come back to our office and we will create a new Medical Marijuana Card for you for a small fee.

Do I have to make an appointment or can I simply walk in?

You can simply walk-in. If you prefer, you can call us at 408.506-4504 | 408.931-2062 to set up an appointment.

Where are you located?

636 E Santa clara Street, San Jose, California 95112.

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