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Wonder CBD

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As a cutting-edge epilepsy treatment at least 10 years ahead of the FDA, Wonder Tincture is a professionally crafted liquid extract of cannabis that’s very high in cannabidiol (CBD). CBD is a government-patented neuroprotectant that does not cause the euphoria of cannabis’ main ingredient, THC, but does quell muscle spasms, seizures and inflammation, among other properties. Wonder Tincture has a lab-verified, very high, with a 25:1 CBD:THC ratio, and comes from organically-grown, high-CBD California cannabis. It comes in a small, fragile, tinted medicine bottle with dropper. One drop equals about 1mg of CBD. Wonder Tincture comes in sealed plastic wrap, and has an ultra-light light olive oil smell. It tastes like nice olive oil, with a very light, super-subtle toasty, medicine aftertaste. Wonder Tincture is calming and great for anxiety, spasmodic conditions, pain relief, along with many other ailments.

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