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Many California collectives and patients would agree that we are most known for providing the most potent edibles on the market, at an affordable value. One “dose,” for our products, is 50 mg.

Two of our signature items are the 10-dose 5150 Bar (500 mg) and the 20-dose Black Bar (1000 mg.) These high potency edibles allow for patients in extreme pain to find relief, or for very high-tolerance patients to find an edible that works for them.

Many people do not eat one of these edibles whole, all at one time, but rather they “dose” it out. That means they can cut a 10-dose 5150 bar into 10 pieces, to equal 50 mg each. Or cut it into whichever milligram increment they desire, then put the rest in resealable packaging for another day.

Not all patients have the same tolerance levels or the same medical needs. That’s why we have nine items total on our menu (as of Feb 2015 before the launch of new releases).

Two of those nine items include our 3-dose 150 mg chocolate chip cookie, and 3-dose 150 mg triple chocolate brownie. Lower tolerance patients can cut these into three pieces to achieve 50 mg doses. And they know they can cut each dose in half to create 25 mg pieces.

The high-quality resealable packaging allows them to save the rest for another day, thereby creating value by making one item last so long

We feel it is important to lab-test products frequently to ensure accuracy. We have been recognized by CW Analytical’s “quality tested program.” This means we undergo kitchen walk-throughs by laboratory teams, and random batch testing for microbiological contaminants. We also feel it is important to state the nutritional information on the packaging because we believe patients deserve to know what they are consuming.

Aside from that focus on potency and lab testing, we want to make sure our cannabutter edibles taste good. That’s why our certified kitchen is managed by an experienced pastry chef! His restaurant industry experience is great to have, and he is very excited to launch his new creations this year.


Our most potent product. The Black Bar contains double the chocolate and double the potency, a full 1,000mg THC. Recommended solely for those with extreme pain and a high tolerance.


A savory departure into flavor country. We use a cannabis infused coconut oil for a light taste and texture. Covered in white cheddar that packs a punch of flavor as well as Korova’s traditional unrivaled potency. 300mg THC


Our Peanut Butter Dip is made from a classic recipe and is loaded with crunchy peanuts. We then dip it in chocolate, a Korova customer favorite. 250mg THC.

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