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Habit Sparkling

Habit Sparkling

Happiness is a Habit

Born in Southern California during the winter of 2016, Habit is the offspring of good vibes and good times. As purveyors of joy and wellbeing, Habit products are meticulously handcrafted using only the finest solvent free cannabis oils.

We believe one’s habits shape every aspect of life, especially health and happiness. Together we aim to foster the positive aspects in life by making safe, consistent and enjoyable cannabis products for everyone.

Habit Sparkling

Established in 2016, Habit’s line of sparkling beverages quickly became an edible of choice amongst patients. Upon release, Habit brought home multiple awards from the largest and most competitive cannabis festivals in California, namely Chalice, High Times Magazine Cannabis Cup and Happy Place.

These highly carbonated sparkling fruit drinks are handcrafted in small batches and infused with our solvent free cannabis distillate derived from organic cannabis. The high level of carbonation in our beverages greatly accelerates the movement of cannabinoids into the bloodstream, offering reported onset times up to 4x faster than solid edibles. Patients choose Habit for a clean, clear and extremely effective experience every time.

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